InJoy Integration

Bringing the magic of nature to you!

Welcome! Bienvenidos! A MarAba!

The healing power of nature lies within and all around us, we only have to listen, ask with Gratitude & delve within our soul to find the appropriate remedy. 


Excitement builds in the Launch of::

 InJoy CHA! ~ the healthy probiotic Beverage and Mixer!.. like nothing else you have ever tasted, let the herbal complexity , richness of flavors & nutrients , healing acids and energetic components ~ Reiki, flower & gem essences flood your senses with vibrancy and nourishment of your temple. 


InJoy CHA is based on  herbal tea blendz created by Manda Pendleton, Clinical Herbalist ~ Nemenhah Medicine Woman who has been Intuitively formulating with herbal essence remedies and food az medicine for over 20 years. All CHA is sourced with Organic teas, herbs & juices, Made with Rocky Mountain Spring Water, Organic cane sugar & Raw Organic Honey or Organic VT Maple Syrup..

The 3 signature InJoy CHA blends Are::

* InFocus/InVision ~ Upper Tan Tien {Third eye} 

Sacred herbs & essences to stimulate the mind 4 mental acuity and higher consciousness. Usefull in meditation, for Elderly & students. Flavored with Organic Blueberry Juice!

"My longing is more profound. The birds want sweet green herbs and the water running by. I want the infinite! I want wisdom." ~Rumi

*InJoy/InDevotion Middle tantien {Heart Center} 

Blessed herbs & essences for healing the heart + cultivating Bliss. Usefull for any affliction of the heart whether physical or emotional, for opening to Joy & deepening Love. <3

Flavored w/ Organic Tart Cherry!

"For when the heart tastes its glorious destiny

And you awake to our constant need for your love..." ~Hafiz

*InPower/ InCreation Lower dan tien {sacral chakra}

Employs the assistance of supportive Herbs & essences to revitalize & Energize. Usefull for adrenal support, Creative pursuit and aphrodesiacal qualities. 

Flavored with Organic Pineapple Juice!

'It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable.' ~Maya Angelou